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Playhouse Madness! No wait its the Masquerade!

Exciting news! The new and improved Animaritime Masquerade is happening at The Playhouse on the Saturday of the convention at 7 pm. Here are some important things you need to remember to participate in this amazing show!
All registration will be done at the convention (no online applications please!), and must be submitted between 9 am and 12 pm, Saturday morning. The registration will happen at the Crowne Plaza info desk, and here are ways to make things go quicker for you:
1) obtain the registration forms a head of time and have it filled out. They will be available (soon!) on the website, as well as available at the info desk on Friday.
2) Bring your audio CD ready to submit. Remember to only have 1 track on the CD and we will not be responsible for returning them to you.
3) If you have any questions, the masquerade staff will be happy to help you during the registration hour.

For additional information, check out the Masquerade page or email us: