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Masquerade Facts

Hey Animaritimers! Here are more facts about the masquerade.
There has been a little confusion in regards to the condensed categories this year and I'd like to elaborate further on the decisions made. It is our full intention to build our masquerade to follow the ICG rule (International Costumers Guild) in the following years.
Some of the conventions that follow this rule are conventions such as Anime North, Otakuthon and Anime Expo. Official the ICG rules carry 4 divisions, Masters, Journeyman, Novice and Youth. The Artisan division happens almost exclusively in Canada and would count as a Journeyman in accordance to their rules.
For more detailed information, visit the ICG website here:
To start up this year's Masquerade, we have a condensed version of the ICG rules and will be adapting to the full version in the following years. The chart shows the basics of the ICG rules and then Animaritime 2015 Masquerade's equivalence to these rules.
There will also be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in each division, as well as Best in Show will be chosen out of all the divisions this year. We are also awarding presentation, skit and judges choice awards.
For further questions, don't hesitate to message me (Su) at