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Theme: Conquer Animaritime

Animaritimers be prepared for the time of your life. Battle it out for the honor of choosing Animaritime's 2016 theme. By playing as either a Warrior, Cleric, Rogue or Mage; the ruling class gets to be crowned as heroes of Animaritime. Attendees will be divided into four character classes - Warriors, Clerics, Rogues and Mages - and each team must work together to conquer the con.

As the winning character class they get to decide the 2016 theme. If:

- Mages win, our 2016 theme will be Magic.
- Warriors win, 2016 will be the year of the Ninja/Samurai.
- Rogues win, 2016 becomes the year of the Spy.
- Clerics win, our 2016 theme will be Supernatural.

But how do you win? Easy. Fulfill quests, do good deeds and gain staff as allies and points will be rewarded to your class. The winning class will be announced at Closing Ceremonies and special class badges will be assigned to you at registration.

Be aware that only pre-registrants get to choose their class and remember to choose wisely! Quests begin as soon as you step on the convention floor in this MRPG, get staff to be your allies on this unique adventure. We will update information on the theme often so stay tuned!